EdZipp Privacy Policy

The company AppSmartz has launched its new product EdZipp. While using the services, a user must know about the information he/she shared with the company. The company knows about the importance of your personal information and company cares for it. This privacy policy will be referred as policy hereinafter. All the terms stated in this policy and Terms of Use agreement at and at other pages of website and links have been settled between the user and the company with their free and voluntary consent. The company has not concealed anything about it from the user. On acceptance of this privacy policy or terms of service, it shall be presumed that the user has given his free and voluntary consent to this policy and Terms of Use of EdZipp. The user has also gone through the Terms of Use and has understood the same and agrees with the same.

The user is not being forced to accept this policy and Terms of Use. User is free to either accept or deny this policy. If the user accepts it, it will be considered that the user has gone through the averments of this policy and has accepted the same without any doubt or confusion and he/she is bound to the Terms of Use agreement. This policy and user agreement cannot be accepted or denied partly by the user.

  • Personal Information: means in this Privacy Policy is Personally Identifiable Information of the user.

  • User: means an individual who avails the services of the company at EdZipp. User must be of minimum 13 years old, who shall usa/avail the services under the supervision of his parent/s or guardian. The user between 13 years old to the age of majority will be considered as a Child User.

  • Supervision: means the control and guidance of the parent's or a guardian either natural or appointed by a court of law of by a Public Authority of the country concerned, which also means the the parent's or a guardian can view or access the service account and any data of the user any time and without any limitation.

  • He: the derivates ‘he, him, his’ also include ‘she or her’

How Company collects your informations?

  • Personal Information Provided by you Account Registration and Profile Creation. If you register as a User to use the Service, then you must provide us with your name, a password and email address, in order to create an account and User profile. You may also optionally add to your profile certain preference as well as your photo. If you obtain a Subscription to the Service, then we’ll redirect you to the checkout page where you’ll be asked to provide your payment information, such as your credit card/debit card number or other required details, so that payment may be processed for the subscribe Service.

  • Personal Information obtained from Third Parties The company also provides user the service to choose to connect social media account with his/her account profile. We collect information from social media services when you use your credentials for these services to log into the Service. For example, when you log in with your Facebook credentials, we collect the information you have authorized Facebook to share with us, such as your name, email address, gender, date of birth, and profile picture.

  • Personal Information collected from your devices Company receives information from Users’ devices through which a User accesses the Service, such as IP address, device model, mobile operating system version, and unique device identifiers.

Use of Personal Information

If you are not of legal age to form a binding contract, you are suggested not to disclose any information to us without your parent’s or guardian’s express consent. Company collects the information from the child above the age of 13 years. If you are under the age of 13 years, please do not send any information to us. Users are also suggested not to send any personal information other than what we request from you in connection with the Services. If any time, it is found that the user has provided (i) wrong information or (ii) the information beyond what the company requested; company will delete such information as quickly as it can even without notice to the user. To verify the information provided by the child under the age of maturity, the company may also contact the teacher or organization of the child.

Analytics and Improving the Service

We and our service providers use Personal information that we collect on the Service, such as your location and your activities on the Service, to monitor and analyze usage of the Service and to improve and enhance the Service.


We may send emails to an email address you provide to us (i) for customer-service or technical-support purposes, or (ii) to send you (a) information about topics or content that we think may interest you, or (b) updates about the latest developments or features on the Service. We also may send push notifications to your device and a newsletter to the email address you provide to us in the event that you subscribe to receive the newsletter.

Purpose of collection of information

  • Company uses the personal information of users for certain information and services,customizing their experience and communicating with them about the Services.

  • Company uses Child user’s Personal Information for creating your individual account, which will identify the user (you within your Limited Access Groups), customizing your experience, and for sending you notifications via the Services from your teacher, school, district, fellow Limited Access Group members, and from EdZipp (regarding your use of the Services) (Notifications). Please note that parent/s or guardian of a child user, administrator from his school and/or district, can view all activity and content associated with the child user, his student account including his Personal Information.

  • The email provided by you will be used for sharing communications and also to notify other services of the company, its other products and features.

  • The usage of a user while using EdZipp services shall be recorded and thus, said recorded data will not be used for any purposes other than consented by the user. However, the user’s information may be shared by the company with its business associates only to customize or improve the services of EdZipp to make a statistical data library.

  • Additionally, certain usage-related information may be viewable in your user profile that may be displayed to other users, depending on your User Category; for example, a “badge” may displayed in your profile indicating that you have added content to your user “library,” or that you have logged into the Services more than a certain number of times.

  • This information is used to determine the device capabilities and usage trends which allows us to better understand which devices we should support and what features are most frequently used.

  • If you use the desktop site, we will send push notifications to your chrome in order to make you aware of certain activities that may occur within your account, such as when someone has entered a new post, when you have new notifications, or when grades have been posted. You may opt-out of receiving these types of communications by turning them off at the device level or emailing us at support@edzipp.com .

Consent of User

In case of sharing the data to the third party, the consent of user is required. So, once acceptance of terms of this privacy policy by you, it shall be your willful and free consent to share your information to third parties.
You may or may not give consent to the followings:

  • Company may share, sell or lease your personal information either provided by you or collected by the company from third parties to provide better services to you, to promote the business of the company or for your online experience with the company. These transactions or services may or may not be commercial in nature. However, company may create a rider upon said such third parties for not transacting, sharing said information to anyone without your consent.

  • The Company may also share your personal information with your school, organization, institute etc. for verification of your identity.

  • The information shared by the company to the third parties shall be used only for the purposes mentioned above.

  • The company may employ/deploy other companies and people to perform tasks on behalf of the company and thus, the company need to share your information with them to provide better services or new features or products to you. Also for the purpose of analyzing data, processing payment, and providing user services through other companies, the company may share your information with such companies or people. Unless we tell you differently, EdZipp’s agents do not have any right to use Personal Information or Children’s Personal Information we share with them beyond what is necessary to assist us.

  • The company or its advertising partners can use your habits to improve its service and personalized experience.

  • Your information once delivered to the company will be retained by the company in compliance of laws,which also includes.

  • Personal Information Protection Act (Korea) , General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , Digital Media Ethics Code (DMEC).

  • This policy is also subject to compliance of laws, directions, guidelines issued time to time by all the respective countries.

  • You will inform the company in respect to the change of either information mentioned above.

  • On the order of the court of law or by any investigation agency or required by the competent Govt, the company disclose the personal information where it is so directed.

  • The company may deny the process of information provided by you, if it finds that you are incompetent to perform the contract, or have provided false information to it. The company shall inform you, the reason of denial of process of your information.

  • Personal Data Controller of the company, Mr. Atul Sachdeva can be contacted for any query or grievance at support@edzipp.com.

Even after accepting the policy, you can withdraw your consent for sharing your personal information. Immediate after receiving your request of withdrawal of consent, the company will intimate to the third party with whom the information, if any it has already shared so that said information may not be used anymore.

Information Security

Your EdZipp account is fully secured with the company, however followings are exceptions:

  • The password of a user is most confidential and important and it always remains with the user or his parent/s guardian. Company shall not be responsible for any breach of user ID or password by any hacker.

  • While paying subscription charges, you are suggested to keep your financial transaction passwords confidential and thus, the company shall not be responsible for any breach of said confidentiality.

Change in this Privacy Policy

Company may change this Privacy Policy or any of its terms anytime for any reason. Use of information provided by you is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is collected. On making any change in this policy, company will inform you 15 days prior to make said change effective on your registered mail ID. You understand that it may not be possible in certain situations to provide advance notice of any change in the Terms of Service. You are bound by the changes made by the company. Company complies with the U.S.–E.U. Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.–Swiss Safe Harbor Framework set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information from European Union member countries and Switzerland. Company has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view our certification, please click here .